Wednesday, July 18, 2007

My first date !!

I finally got 3days chutti from my workplace. I was happy after a long time I was getting hols..hols?? yeah this is the college going new generation's language...SMS ka Zamana hai bhai you should know the meanings of gtg, gn n tc, ifo, btw, temme, lemme, cya,.. If you don't use this type of lang (language)..appaah.. You are sooo middle class, you are a outdated product which still exist in the market like Himesh Reshammiya's self singing songs for some kind of really interesting people..

My wardrobe, computer cum TV, bed all got shocked on that day...asking What he is doing at home this time. Wardrobe was looking at me strangely "Abe naukri se nikal diya kya??", TV was a bit rude" Abe college se bunk marne ki aadat nahi gayi ab tak??" bed was scared "Aaj yeah pura din para rahega mere upar" usually weekends I do that only. Weekdays at day time they had never seen me in the room..

I was happy for one more reason, I am going for a date in the evening ...haan date.."Ek ladka ek ladki se kahi restaurent,cofee shop ya phir park mein mile toh usko english mein date bolte hain"(this information is for those people who don’t know the meaning of date, baki sab toh smart people knows what is date and what happens in the date)..It was not a blind date as we saw each other's pictures in orkut website (which is banned in our office now) It was a first date for me in my life so I was a bit anxious to know what happens in a date. Time was fixed at 6.30 at Barista. This is my favorite place, We friends were used to hang out at Barista all day long when we were in college, even when I felt lonely I used to go there.

At 5 o'clock I got ready for the date..I put on my favorite dress sprayed my favorite perfume. The things in my room were shocked again after a long time they had seen me grooming like that. It was like the special effects shows in typical Star plus, zee TV serials. I heard a message alert on my mobile, usually no one message me apart from banks for credit cards or personnel loan or from the clubs for membership. I checked oh she was messaging I read "hey Hansie pliz dont feel bad 2day i hav2 go 2 my unclez plc, v wil meet sm otha day"
Now what to do?? I asked myself. Chalo wo nahi aayi toh kiya hua barista mein akela baithne ka bhi maza hain". I took my khatara Kinetic Honda and went for barista.

"One large capp without cream"- I gave 100 rupees at the barista counter and said
"Ok sir please be seated we will call your name" He had asked my name and said.

I went to lobby for a table.. I saw a girl in front of me who was trying to hide her face from me.. Hey this is the same girl but the guy does not look like her uncle. The facial expression of the girl was like she eliminated herself from Indian Idol's gala round.
After 5 minutes she moved out from there and I lost in retrospective moments.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

my jacket

Chiti kudi sir!
one KR puram- I gave him 10 rupees and said. The conductor was sober... Actually I found him sober because he didn't ask me back "Enno??,Dus rupaya mein tereko pura KR puram chahiye??.
uff the traffic in bangalore is increasing day by day like Himesh Reshamiya's emotional songs. You have to face, you just can’t ignore as all the channels into a unspoken competition to play his songs You are just a helpless spectator..
After standing a long 5 minutes I finally got a seat when the bus halted at a stop...I put my jacket off and kept on my lap...aah what a relax. .The traffic inside the bus and outside the bus was awesome.. Thank god now I can go aaram se till KR Puram..
A small girl age of 3-4 years was standing near to me with her mother. Both were well dressed, Girl was so cute and she has smiling eyes. I gave her a nice half open smile and looked outside of the bus. I have a very bad(?) habit of reading sign boards when I travel in a bus or car, where I am not driving.
“Excuse me baya (bhaiya) “ her mother said with a big colgate smile.
Yes – I said with an attitude that I can’t leave the seat for you now.
“choti bachhi ko asthama hee(hain) baya..manje maloom whitefield mein accha doctor rehti so(rehta hain),bachhi ko waha tak godi mein bethaleko baya” she merely said in a Shivaji Nagar accent.
I showed I have a bag and a jacket.. How can I…….
“Kya bi ni hota,bag aur jacket manje de dalo”
I gave my bag and the jacket to her and “ bachhi ko bethaliya sath mein.”
After some time she got a seat in the third row from my seat.. I was not having any problem with the little girl so I did not tell anything to her mother.
Uff another half an hour to reach KR puram.. Crowd was still same in bus arre channe ke tarah pakk gaya hu log kab utrenge???
“Whitefield whitefield” the bus conductor loaded his voice.
Most of the crowd got down at whitefield stoppage..but where is she??? I could not found that lady inside the bus. I was scared...then a huge lady who was seating near to the most wanted lady at that time for me came to me and said “thanks appa,has she irritated you?”
Magu navu illi iliona......( come child we will get down here).She pulled her child from my lap.

I was speechless just wondering why this lady telling thank you and asking the girl to come with her. I could not make out what exactly was happening.
“we will get down here, that lady was so sweet the place was very congested where I was seated she only came to me and helped me”
She said very confidently and got down from the bus.


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