Saturday, December 13, 2008

But it rained !!

[Have written this post for the "rain drenched lounge contest " at writers lounge.]

kahin building kahin Traame, kahin motor kahin mill
miltaa hai yahaan sab kuchh ik miltaa nahin dil
insaan kaa nahin kahin naam-o-nishaan
ai dil hai mushkil jeena yahaan
zaraa hatke zaraa bach ke....
Hari Singh switched on the radio and lighted the kerosene stove. The evening is going as usual for him like always except a lil downpour; it is unusual for Bangalore to rain in the month of December. Hari always comes to the corner with his thela(pushing cart), which is open from oneside and which has 4 wheels to move, he sells pani puri,masala puri,hot besan pakoras etc. He comes only for 2 hours to the corner situated between a mall in the right side and a cinema hall in the left side and his place is accessible for both the crowds. He was quite a popular guy in that place. The other hawkers sell chats all day long but Hari comes for 2 hours and makes more bucks than them. So, the fellow hawkers were jealous of him. But he never cares who thinks what. He invests 400rs everyday and makes 800rs,a 50-100rs more or less someday. He makes 350-400rs profit including 30rs to the police constable everyday. He never mind to give him 30rs for this place, it’s really worth it, if he would have asked 50rs, Hari would have given that too. Hari stays near Tilaknagar police station with his wife Sinduri and his 3years old son Ganesh and that corner is very near to his place. So he wakes up late start preparing his stuff from 3 o’clock, by 5 he finishes everything and reaches the corner at 6 everyday.
Today, customers are less.. yeah because of the rain but it does not bother him much, only thing he has to do is to extend half an hour to get finished his stuffs.
It started raining heavily..Duhh have to wait more time. He saw the policeman is coming towards him. he took 30rs and kept aside.
"Abbey tera thela kal se najar nahi aana chahiye yaha pe ,wo minister log yaha pe ek smarak banayenge english mein boleto pakki road naming board ..iss jagah ka naam aab hoga Kumarkrupa Marg..samjha..'KK Marg' chal ek masalapuri bana…khara jaasti!


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