Monday, August 20, 2007


It was a Sunday morning. I finally made mood to clean my scooter. I was really pissed off with my bajaj 150.All my friends come to college on Yamaha, Suzuki bikes aur mere naseeb mein yeh khatara bajaj. I got a bucket of water and started cleaning..

Mile sur mera tumhara..toh sur bane hamara..sur ki nadiya har disha se...

After a long time I was hearing that song, when we were in 6th or 7th standard it was the daily sweet dish from Doordarshan. The relation between this song and doordarshan was like Himesh Reshammiya and his topi. Duniya kaha se kaha pohoch gaya aur I am still on bajaj scooter.I had a belief that scooter is made for only pitaji ,mamaji, chachaji type of people, even girls don't like scooters. Because of that scooter I used to feel like Mr. Bean in front of Hrishita..yeah Hrishita..she was my padhosan those days. We were in the same college. She used to go to the college by rickshaw or sometimes by walking.. I have been seeing her everyday. I could have given her a lift to college everyday but because Mr. Bean's feeling which never allowed me to do that ..Everyday I used to cook some plans to talk with her but few seconds to the climax everything fails.

uff..kuch to karna padega.. Tomorrow Monday I will approach her and will offer her a lift to college. Yeah I will do that. Yes... I have to do that.

I finished up cleaning and went to take bath.

In the Afternoon I thought of going out, I started my scooter, I was really impressed with the cleaning of my scooter(as i wiped a wet cloth on it after couple of months)it was nicely cleaned.

I have seen a girl on the road…hey she was Hrishita. she turned around and found me just in front of herself.
Now what to do- I asked myself..arre ye film to kal release hone wali thi.

Hi want lift?? - I was unable to stop my mouth.
yah..if you can- she merely replied.

Oh that was one of the euphoric moments in my life when she was sitting on my scooter. I felt I am riding a white horse with a beautiful princess.. Like shrek.. no no not like shrek. I came to the reality.
She was quietly sitting.
Where you want me to drop?? -I broke the silence.
Suddenly I saw a pothole just in front of the scooter. I pressed the break and the scooter got skirted... She flied and landed in a garbage bin.
From that day itself, ........till date my status is SINGLE.
And that bajaj is still with me like the jewelaries of BAPPI da.


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