Thursday, June 18, 2009

End of daze !!

Once again I've cried
Unto the moon
there's nobody here
there's nobody near
I can't see the meaning
the life I'm leading
blinded by a light
I hate the sun now
in the distance, I hear the tune
I heard in my childhood
I've searched the eyes
I laugh under the weeping moon
I saw her shadow in the darkness
awaiting me like the night
awaits the day
standing silent
smiling at my presence
A black candle holds the only light!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Main kabhi kehta nahi, par !!

On this Mothers' day..from a worst son to the best Mother in the world !

Jab,Sham hoti hai,
taare tim timate ashmaan par,
Panchi ghosle ko laut-te hai,
Sheher jab sota hai,
Shor kam hota hai,
Maa ,tum bohot yaad aati ho !!

Zor ki barish,
Bijli jab garajti hain,
Koyi bura sapna,
Ankhon se jab ansoo behta hai,
Maa, tum bohot yaad aati ho !!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Turned the page !!

Heyloo !! Hope you guys enjoyed last night.Either u follow1981’s or 1987’s or 1998’s calendar or say 2009. The dates and the days are similar , just the time has changed. These yrs starts with Thursday and ends with Thursday. There are many such years which has similar dates and days .but who cares ? time will never stop for anyone,fuck everyone. Keep the pace ,challenging the race. Set a target and get the target. Just don’t care if someone says who you are , just be the way you are. That’s how you can win a race. Peace.

Wishing you a very happy new year!! May all your resolutions last as long as u want them to!!


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