Friday, December 14, 2007

Bling Bling $$ Zircon etc..

Welcome sir..-The bouncer stamped on my wriest and said.
Thank u so much dude- I entered the Zircon lounge with Sim.
Three girls crossed giggling with glasses of cocktails. I took a table and ordered a large peg of chives regal whisky for me and a mohito cocktail for her.
The Dj was playing some club psychedelic songs and every one was enjoying in the floor. The smell of cigarette smokes and different perfumes, Neon lights were blinking everywhere, Most of the guys were in formals and semi formals, and about girls you might have already made some pictures in your mind.
I don’t like this kinna music, neither hip-hop. I like Pink Floyd nos, Deep Purple, some Metallica nos. or that kinna rock music, but Sim was enjoying the music. She was wearing a new trendy top, a carrot cut pair of jeans, a nice flat sandal and some accessories on neck and hands and was looking be-u-ti-fool. I was slowly sipping at my glass, Sim busy in messaging with her mobile.
I finally got a gf..I won the rat race of having a girl friend. Now a day if you don’t have a gf, appah they behave as if you are a criminal, you are a fan of Rakhi Sawant or Himesh Reshammiya.

I didn’t know it was my love, affection or something else,According to my cook(he is a die hard fan of Himesh)”bhaiyya aap Himesh ji ke gaane suniye”. These songs help a lot people to remember their love.
Tab mera ek hi answer hota hain “abbe tu chup kar, mujhe teri bishesh tippani ki jaroorat nahi” so the thing is that meri dil ki ghanti tab tak baji nahi thi himesh ji ke tune mein(thank god!!).

My padhoshi Balasubramanium Gurukkal Ponnuswamy was also pized off. One day he came to me and said “Hi da,you don’t sleep whole nightaa?? Because of your music and light I can’t sleep whole night, do something da”
.I merely replied ‘ I am sorry Balu,I make sure it will not happen again”
“One more request to you da, Please don’t throw cigarettes buds to my compound, it is very hard to clean everyday, and could you drop me to Ayyappa temple, I gave my car for servicing”
So I had to assured him that this thing will not happen again and dropped him to the temple.
I think something was there for her in my heart but I was not sure that it was love or something else. We met just a month back through friends and we were dating regularly, almost everyday we were going to pub or club. (Thanks to my credit card)
Hey I am coming from Rest room- she stood up and said.
Yah ok carry on.
Zircon was packed that day.. Waiters were very busy with serving.
Its been a hour Sim was not coming back. so I called up her and strangely she cut the phone.5-6 times I tried, she was not picking up the phone. I smelled something was going terribly wrong . So, I started searching in the lounge. One of waiters told me he had seen her going out with a guy. I was shocked; I did not understand what was happening.
I called her close friend and came to know that she already had a boyfriend,he came down from Delhi, he found her in that lounge and he took her along.
I discovered my self alone in front of Zircon, last 2 hours passed like a rocket. Party was over at zircon at that time. it was only me who got in with a girl and came out alone. I lit a cigarette and took an auto.
.....O sathi re tere bina bhi kya jeena……tere bina bhi kya jeena..
Arre ye teri background music bandh kar- I shouted at the rickshawallah.
Thik hai bhaiyya-He was not ready for that, he slowly said and turned off the FM..


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