Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I lost me !!

I think I lost me
I cant breath
I cant stand
I cant see light
Take me to Goa,Alaska or an asylum
Take me out of here
Give me some weed
Give me some peace
I cant run
I am not a rat
I don't want to live
I lost me
I quit !

photo source: internet


Love said...

why do you stay there?

chirag said...

nice post yaar

thanks for following my blog of story
that is

but now iam deleting this blog and the story of this blog is reposted on my poem blog that is

and from now i will also post my stories on this blog.

you can check my daily life event blog
and in this at mere vichar tab you can find the blog for story and poem

thanks again

Sahefa said...

okay that was a bit emotional .... =p but good work!

- said...

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Free-Fallin' said...

lol, aren't we all in need of weed?! but don't quit !!

Free-Fallin' said...

loved all you photo choices on your blog.


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