Monday, November 24, 2008

Bechara Alzheimer !!

Another month another electricity bill, water bill,cable bill,paper bill,broadband bill, month so many bills.. I made note on a piece of paper along with the monthly grocery chit..After paying all the bills i went to a grocery shop for the final task,Did i miss something?? my girl thinks ki mujhe 'Black' movie mein Amitabh ko jo 'bhool ne ki' beemari lagi thi,woh lag gayi hein.'Alzheimer's desease'--thatz how they named it.Bechara Alzheimer,I don't think bachpan mein usne kabhi bhi socha hoga ki his name will be associated with a 'bhoolne ki beemari'--jaroor usne kisi interview mein 'what's ur father's name?' question ke time wall ki taraf dekh kar nakhoon chabaya hoga.And the interviewers would have declared,'aaj se bhool ne ki beemari ko log tere naam je janenge'.Toh my girl thinks that this desease has caught me too.And she has her reasons to think so.I don't forget the anniversaries or birthdays--come on yaar!aaj kal mobile phone ke jamane mein koi yeh sab bhoolta hein kya?--but I do struggle to figure out who Tuku dada is when she says,'tuku dada's bhabi came today.she was asking about you.'I immediately pray god to flash a photograph in front of my eyes where Tuku dada is happily holding his wife and both telling me 'hum tere hone wale yeh hein-woh hein'.But miracles happen very rarely, and more so with students who were 'less than average' in History.Very often,despite my greatest acting skills,I get caught and this results in a abrupt disconnection of the phone line.My tongue does release some special words of gratitude for Tuku dada and his wife,but koi fayda nahin....And not just in personal life,I think Alzheimer's ghost(assuming he is dead) is around me all the while.Very often I come out of shops without making payments,only to hear a 'Chiranjeevi**' look alike shouting from behind,'hei!hei...o sahab!mere paise' if I have just robbed him.Yes! it's quite embarrassing for many,but not 4 me--coz I am quite used to it.yes!I am used to such a stupid thing.And it happens the other way around as well.Matlab paise deke, sanyashi type--jisko sansar ke moh maya mein koi interest nahin-- I come out without bothering to pick the 'saman' I paid for.And again the 'south superstar' shouts,'Oh sahab! aap ka bag...sahab!' if I intentionally left a bag,containing 'RDX' in his shop....'RDX' se yaad aya...I need to buy 'good night'--'mosquito party' is having a ball out there in my house these days..err...nights...toh m leaving....

**Those who don't know 'Chiranjeevi'--lemme help u out--apne bollywood ka irfan khan hein na(haan!wohi crazy4-wala)....usko moustache laga do--ab uske mooh me cycle pump laga kar jitna ho sake hawa bhar do...the 'foola hua version of' irfan khan is 'Chiranjeevi'...ekdam same 2 same...


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