Sunday, November 2, 2008

Not at all bakwas!!

A black day! Assam on 30/10 which paralyzed in shock all Assamese people across the globe. Bomb blasts have always been a ‘aam’ news for all Indians now a days but what happened this time, 18 high intensity blasts rocked which is first in Assam terrorism history moreover it is the attack on the spirit and hope of the people of the state. They were experiencing peace after a couple of decades. Now who is responsible for vanishing everyone’s hope? Yes we have the new band of boys in town trained in Bangladesh, in some of the districts of Assam Bangladeshis are in majority, amazing!! Thanks to the bloody politics, who use Bangladeshi illegal immigrants as their vote banks! Its time to wake up Mr. CM.

[Video language is in Assamese,you may not understand,Check the footage]


Rakib Ahmed said...

this is very right... what can we say. its also time for us too..... the country is not even big as ASSAM.

that country will be under 5ft water. just redirect the dhobi ghat. . . . .

Sathish said...

Nothing to explain.

Anonymous said...

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